I love

He’s sleeping and I’m sitting right next to him! I love watching him sleep. I love playing in his hair because it makes him prattle like a child. I love watching his eyes that underneath the lids are chasing dreams, or his mouth that pouts or smiles, giving me a part answer to the question that’s always on my mind: ‘what’s he dreaming about now?’. I love running my fingers across his body and feel his soft skin that’s embalmed in the perfect combination of scents that makes me love drunk every time he holds me in his arms. I love standing close to him and taking him in with every breath I take, and I love kissing those addictive lips of his. I love the sound of his voice that guides me whenever I get lost, and love it when he’s scolding me because I know that in the end he embraces me and kisses my forehead. I love to take care of him whenever he catches a cold because he’s such a big baby and nourishes my motherly feelings. I love it when we build our own world on top of outlandish dreams and plans, and I love the smooth ride back to reality where he keeps me anchored to the ground. I love… him!

S-ar putea sa-ti placa si acestea

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