I’m trapped in a spiderweb and I can see the spider approaching me. My heart is pounding like hell as if it’s trying to pulsate its way out, through my mouth. And I’m not even attempting to swallow it back… I let it escape, I give up to the spider that’s breathing over me. The darkness stifling everything makes its eyes glow like diamonds giving me glimpses of my life that’s about to end in the acidic choke of the beast’s stomach. My brain is  screaming its lungs out; if only it had a pair, maybe then its voice would be more piercing and determine me to save myself. The surviving mechanism with which every person is endoubted at birth has malfunctioned a while ago… I have no wish of surviving. Warm slime coming from the spider’s mouth is embalming my body…

S-ar putea sa-ti placa si acestea

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